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I Am Moving. Please, Come Along With Me!

A blog is not a book. One cannot write it all and then come up with the suitable title. The first thing one has to do is register a blog name.

When I first decided to start a blog, I thought hard and long to come up with a suitable name. (At this point, you are probably lifting your gaze to the top of the screen – Sunshine Intentions? Really? – Bare with me, please.) I thought this was such a responsible first step. I needed something that would be easy to pronounce, easy on the ear, be cool and unique, to be noticeable, but also meaningful. I could not come up with anything to my satisfaction.

And then somebody advised me to go and make the first step. Instead of planning the grand entrance, instead of waiting for the whole concept to be well thought out and polished, I was advised to take action here and now. To start writing and worry about the rest later. I am glad I took the advice.

My head is always filled with ideas of new hobbies, crafts, projects. My heart gets fired up and working at full might. Until, with time, a new idea consumes me and the previous one is silently pushed over and slowly fades away into the background. I mean well. At that moment, I do believe that I have found the new true thing that I will stick with. The intentions are always sunny and bright. This blog was one of those many ventures of mine. I thought Sunshine Intentions reflected my mindset, my hopes, and fears for this blog.

It has been up for over two months now. That is a very short space of time, I know. But even so, I have been writing, trying out stuff, learning helpful little bits and understanding a little more of what I want this blog to be. All whilst doing it rather than speculating in the purely theoretical planning stage. (I think this is so often true in life as well. The best way – in fact, the only way – to do something is by actually getting up and doing it. One can only achieve so much by thinking things through.)

And so, less than three short moths later, I am ready to move on from this initial stage of my blogging adventure and to invite you all along to HEART KINDLING – my new home under a new banner. It is not a hip and funky blog title I was first searching for. However, I feel it reflects the atmosphere that I am going for. I hope this to be the place where I share little things that keep my heart burning, stuff that feeds the flame. Be it existential questions, family time, cooking up tasty treats (or failing at that), inspirational stories, or a small recycling craft that puts a smile on my face. So, Heart Kindling will be rather similar to Sunshine Intentions. Only, hopefully, a little better organized and implementing a few blogging tips and tricks I have learned and will continue to learn along the way. All collected under a new shiny banner, of course.

(As I will not be posting here anymore, please do not forget to subscribe to the new site if you want to be notified of my posts.)

WELCOME to my new home!


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